About us

Dr. Hans Riegel himself established in our charter how the foundation was to support children and young people. In our charter, he laid down four different goals: Our core tasks are supporting school and professional education as well as research and teaching in the fields of the natural sciences, engineering, and economics. For this purpose, the foundation prioritizes launching its own projects.

The Four Charter Objectives at a Glance


The foundation aims to support the school and professional education of young people. As an entrepreneur in the production sector, Dr. Hans Riegel felt particularly strongly about supporting the younger generation in engineering and the natural sciences as well as in his own fields, business and economics.

Fine Art

Dr. Hans Riegel had a strong interest in art and collected paintings and sculptures. As an admirer of art, he wanted to support art through the foundation. That is why the foundation aims to promote fine arts and improve their accessibility to help preserve artistic values of all types.

Research and Teaching

Diverse and interdisciplinary sciences are essential for a forward-looking society. We are seeing rapid developments in research that are setting in motion a transformation process in education, teaching, and society as a whole. The foundation aims to not only support research but also promote the transfer of knowledge in teaching and education.



In his youth, Dr. Hans Riegel experienced times of need. This is the reason why helping others was a matter of the heart to him. Particularly, the well-being of his colleagues, the "HARIBO family" as he called them, took top priority. Our charter reflects this wish as well.

Our Philosophy

How we accomplish our mission is anchored in our foundation's philosophy.

I. How We See Ourselves

As the founder, Dr. Hans Riegel wanted to give back to children and young people what they had  given to him as an entrepreneur and to the company HARIBO:

II. Mission

The foundation is primarily committed to supporting young people, particularly by supporting education and training as well as scientific research and teaching. We also support the fine arts and charitable purposes.

III. Vision

We support motivated children and young people – from kindergarten all the way to university and beyond – especially in the so-called STEM subjects.


IV. Positioning and Profile

We connect school and science with business. Through the sustainability of our projects, we contribute to innovation and progress in our society.


V. Values

We are committed to the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, paired with social responsibility. We want to create a noticeable benefit for society through our work.