The People Behind the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation

The Board of Directors, the Board of Advisors, and the Team of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation

Dr. Hans Riegel selected people he trusted in and with whom he had worked for years to form the foundation’s Board of Directors and its Board of Advisors. These are the people who are pursuing the foundation's objectives together with our team.



Board of Directors

Marco Alfter

(Managing Director)

Board of Advisors

Hermann-J. Konradi


Anna-Maria Bischof

Dr. Philipp Rulf

Prof. Dr. Uta Wilkens

Karl-Heinz Schupp

Our Team

Madeleine Breuer

(Project Manager)

Carina Feuerriegel

(Project Manager)

Annette Fischer

(Board Assistance)

Dr. Leonie Grafweg

(Project Manager)

Sarah Häger

(Team Assistance)

Heike Hoffmann

(Team Assistance)

Jörg Köppler

(Commercial Manager)

Ewa Kowol

(Project Assistance)

Alexander Kukla

(Public Relations Manager)

Peter Laffin

(Project Manager)

Katharina Saftig

(Team Assistance)

Annika Zimdars

(Project Manager)

Fotos: Jennifer Zumbusch