In the spring of 2020, everything revolved around the Coronavirus pandemic, when all schools were closed at one go. The Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation, the YouTuber Jacob Beautemps and the University of Cologne then launched a live stream pilot project.

One thing is very clear: School is shut down. In such a situation, creating our own Internet School would have been completely out of line. This is and remains a task of the government. Neither Jacob nor the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation want this - to the contrary! We offer physics classes to refresh the school curriculum and consolidate it using experiments and quizzes. Even though our streams and videos are very well researched, no one misses a school lesson if he or she can't watch.


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The Project

From April 7-9, 2020, the YouTuber and trained teacher Jacob Beautemps aired the first two STEM Live Streams featuring physics experiments with the support of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation. While the use of YouTube as a learning and information resource is very widespread these days, the new aspects the STEM Live Stream brings to the table are its structure and the chance for students to test their knowledge through quizzes. The content is of particular interest to students who are unable to go to school at the moment.

The project is now heading into its next round: Jacob Beautemps will now regularly offer MINT live streams together with other YouTubers. Students can once again take part in quizzes to answer questions about experiments and possible solutions using a survey tool. After successfully completing the quiz, they receive feedback that can serve as an indication of their own level of knowledge.

Our videos do not replace physics class! Skilled teachers are doing remarkable work teaching physics in an engaging and up-to-date manner - both in the classroom as well as during the current shutdown. We consider our live streams and videos as entertaining learning videos for students and as additional tools for teachers. The content can effectively complement classes as part of the teachers' free choice of educational media. Find more offers here!

On a scientific level, the project is supervised by the Institute of Physics Education of the University of Cologne under the direction of Prof. Dr. André Bresges. The institute's expertise ensures the technical correctness and the appropriate educational approach. The content is aligned with the core physics curriculum of the upper secondary school level of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, while also being suitable for numerous other curricula in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The live streams aim to make it possible for younger students to follow along as well: The experiments are easy to understand and impressive, while getting the viewers excited about physics. The University of Cologne is also setting up a hotline attended by university students where school students can call in to ask questions.

After the Live Stream, the videos are made available online on a permanent basis, so teachers can use them as tools and interested students can view them again as they wish.

Impressions of previous STEM LIVE STREAMS