All Dr. Hans Riegel Awards winners have access to the MINT TANK. This provides young science talents with continued support and valuable networking activities.

Over 1,600 former prize winners are already registered in the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation’s network. Many of them regularly participate in the MINT TANK program's free events where the focus is on promoting MINT education. The offer comprises three different event formats.



Introduction: MINT TANK

In Introduction: MINK TANK, the winners chosen by selected university locations in a year come together no later than one year after receiving their prizes. The three-day event offers a program that provides insights into the different subject areas, therefore being well suited as an introduction into university studies and as an orientation in advance. Four different events are held each year: in Bonn for all prize winners from North Rhine-Westphalia, in Berlin for the locations in North-East Germany, in Linz for all prize winners from Austria, and in Erlangen for locations in Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Dr. Hans Riegel Academy

All winners of the Dr. Hans Riegel Award are invited to this multi-day conference that takes place every two years. It offers an extensive program with workshops, presentations, and excursions to renowned research institutes. The highlights include a Science Slam. Just like Introduction:MINT TANK, the Dr. Hans Riegel Academy also represents the diversity of the STEM subject areas. The subjects are mostly discussed simultaneously in small groups. Sufficient opportunities for the exchange of views and ideas and for networking are also provided to promote interdisciplinarity.

MINT TANK Seminars

These four-day events focus on specific subjects and are geared towards those interested in them. The presentations and experiments are open to all Awards winners for up to three years after having received their awards. The Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation organizes an average of three to five seminars per year about different focus areas for 20-25 alumni each. The subjects and content of the past years include particle physics, bioplastics, neurosciences, or the mud flats habitat, for example. Thus, past events took participants to the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research, the Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen, and the island of Spiekeroog, among other destinations. The Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation also promotes networking and the engagement with prize winners by providing a discussion forum and a variety of information and registration services and more on the website