TouchTomorrow: Your Knowledge ยท Your Future

Discover the living and working world of the future with TouchTomorrow

TouchTomorrow is a campaign of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation with the aim of attracting pupils to educational and career paths in the STEM field (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by allowing them to experience and try out future technologies.

TouchTomorrow includes numerous offers for different target groups: From the TouchTomorrow truck, where pupils can experience future technologies and try them out for themselves, to livestream offers or teaching materials for teachers.


Try out future technologies for yourself and get perspectives for a personal career in the STEM field: this is possible in the TouchTomorrow truck of the Dr Hans Riegel Foundation. Since 2018, we have been visiting secondary schools across Germany with our mobile hands-on lab. Our free offer, which we implement together with IW Medien GmbH and the Federal Employment Agency, is aimed in particular at pupils in grades 8 and 11.

90- or 180-minute truck visits focus on the two core questions: "How will I live tomorrow?" and "How will I work tomorrow?"

In the TouchTomorrow truck, the pupils go through various experience stations in small groups and learn about the scientific and technical background and explore the respective technology in a playful way. Thematically, they deal with bioplastics, Industry 4.0, smart textiles, brain-computer interfaces, virtual reality, precision farming, robots and forms of mobility of the future.

They are accompanied by didactically trained natural scientists and career counsellors. With the help of an RFID storage medium and the TouchTomorrow app, they can use the sustainable services of the project. Teachers also have access to teaching materials for follow-up or preparation of the school class visit.

A visit to the TouchTomorrow truck is often rounded off by the participation of specialised advisors from the local employment agencies. They assist the pupils during their visit to the truck and guide them through the so-called MINT-Navi. The MINT-Navi provides information about the STEM subjects as well as STEM training and study courses. STEM events and other STEM offers in the vicinity can also be searched for via the MINT-Navi.




In the TouchTomorrow stream of the Dr Hans Riegel Foundation, pupils experience the world of tomorrow in an interactive way. Teachers can choose between the topics
"Future Foods", "Future Mobility" or "Robotics and AI". On the date of their choice, school classes in grades 8 to 13 will then gain insight into the future via a 90-minute video conference.

In addition to scientific and technological basics, the focus is on career orientation: training and study paths relevant to the development of future food, forms of mobility, machines and robots are presented. With the help of the TouchTomorrow app the students are actively involved with their opinions and knowledge. They take part in surveys and quizzes. They interact with the presenters via chat and ask questions.

TouchTomorrow is designed as a long-term campaign by the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation to give young people future-oriented impulses and to show how much good and important STEM is the basis for in the world of life and work. Already today, but especially tomorrow! We want more young people to discover in STEM a source of individual and professional self-realisation.