Your Knowledge ยท Your Future

The Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation started a collaboration with the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW Medien GmbH) in May 2018 to offer a mobile project named TouchTomorrow. It aims to get students excited about educational and career paths in the STEM fields by letting them experience and try out future technologies.

The offer is primarily geared towards students in 8th grade (just before they select their majors in Germany) and in 11th grade (oriented towards university studies and training). The focus is on the two core questions:

"How will I live tomorrow?" and "How will I work tomorrow?"

The students go through different stations that provide them with experiences, information, and challenges they work on using haptic and digital exhibits. This gives them realistic, hands-on insights into STEM-based future technologies, assisted by specially trained instructors as they go along. Example educational and career paths based on real people are also described at each exhibit. The students can then use a "STEM navigator" to research regional education and training programs, among other things. Once the visit to the truck is over, the aim is to establish a sustainable process of communication and interaction, driven by extensive online portals and activities (for students and for teachers) as well as teaching material in the STEM field.

TouchTomorrow is set up as a long-term project of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation to inspire young people to look ahead into the future and to show them all the good and important things in their personal lives and their work for which STEM is the foundation. Already today, but especially tomorrow! We aim to enable more young people to discover MINT as a source to give meaning to their lives and to achieve self-realization in their professions.

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