Dr. Hans Riegel Science Networking

Bachground information

The Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation offers funding to young scientists working in economics in Germany and Austria to actively build up a scientific network. In addition to the three classic fields of experience that play a key role in appointment procedures - teaching, research, and academic autonomy - the development of one's own subject-specific and personal network is becoming increasingly important. Young scientists themselves are generally responsible for this and independently establish contacts and cooperations. Exchanging data, joint publications, as well as shared experiences in research and teaching make up a significant part of a scientific career path.


The program is designed for scientists in the economics disciplines. This includes economics and business administration with their sub-disciplines as well as industrial engineering, chemistry and business studies, business mathematics, business psychology, business law, economic geography, and business education. Representatives of economic history, business ethics, economic sociology, and economic anthropology are invited to apply if they pursue economic questions and their working methods follow a more sociological rather than a cultural science approach.

There is no age limit.


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