Connex - Dr. Hans Riegel Science Networking

Funding programme for interdisciplinary cooperation between economists and social scientists with other disciplines in Germany and Europe

Background information

What do up-and-coming scientists need to carve out their scientific careers?

Experience in teaching, research and academic self-administration is expected for attractive positions in business and higher education. In addition, interdisciplinary co-operation and an understanding of other subject areas are becoming increasingly important. Joint projects, courses and publications are valuable elements of an academic career path.

Target Group

The programme is aimed at young academics in business administration, economics and social sciences at German and European universities and research institutions in collaboration with colleagues from disciplines such as STEM, art, education or other subject areas.

Applicants must be employed for a fixed term. There is no age limit.


Funding is available for activities, ideas and events that serve to establish a two- to three-member interdisciplinary scientific project team. These include:

  • Research and development costs

  • Publication costs, including open resource fees

  • Acquisition of software and IT infrastructure

  • Archive and field visits

  • Costs and acquisitions in the context of data collection

  • Work meetings, travel and accommodation costs (these may account for up to 50% of the funding amount)

The maximum amount of funding is €6,500.00. A new application is possible six months after submission of the final report.

An interim report must be submitted after half of the estimated project duration. At the end of the funding period, a final report of at least two pages must be submitted, including a statement of costs and a chart showing the project objectives and milestones achieved. Unused funds must be repaid at the end of the project

Application Process

Please use the application form (three pages) and send it  to together with tabular CVs (including a list of publications) of the two to three applicants, a one-page project synopsis and a Gantt chart with objectives and milestones.



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