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The Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation is continuing the charitable legacy left by the former co-owner of HARIBO with the aim of supporting and assisting young people along the education chain in a sustainable way as they shape the future. Dr. Hans Riegel was known for his creativity and his passion for art. He included support for fine arts and historical culture in the charter of his foundation. The foundation aims to support the conservation and preservation of artistic and cultural values and to improve the access to artistic and cultural values for the public in the long run. To effectively provide the general public with access to artistic and cultural values and to particularly raise awareness about them among young people, art and culture have to happen where the target group is: in the public sphere, at school, and on social media.



We want to get young people excited about art by providing them with innovative access to it in line with the spirit of the times, while showing them the diverse possibilities of expression art has to offer. In addition to creativity, the project focuses on discourse and being close to nature. Historic works of art are transferred to the present times and the future and made accessible to the public in the form of murals. The project was kicked off with a famous work of art by Caspar David Friedrich, interpreted by Innerfields - a renowned artist ensemble from Berlin. The mural has been gracing an approximately 260 square meter facade in the Kalk district of Cologne since September 2019.

In June 2020, Case Maclaim (Andreas von Chrzanowski), who began painting over 20 years ago, has already brought his art to over 20 countries, and is rightfully considered as a pioneer in the scene in terms of photorealism, joined the project with his interpretation of the piece of art "The Butterfly Hunter" by Carl Spitzweg.  

The project will also be rolled out at other sites like Essen, Offenbach, Stuttgart and much more. Learn more about this at: www.wallsofvision.de 


We can't simply dish things up to the young generation. The last months have made this very clear in an impressive fashion. We welcome the dedication and the will to participate that young people are displaying. That is why it is important to actively involve school students in "Walls of Vision" as well. Before the start of the 2019 summer vacation, the artists of Innerfields laid the foundation for the mural in the Kalk district of Cologne at the Kaiserin-Theophanu-Schule secondary school: Students took part in a project week where the basics of art history were discussed, artistic techniques were taught and a mural in a similar style was designed together. The students will also help design the documentation and the multiplication of the works of art to a substantial degree under #wallsofvision.

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